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According to reports, the move might affect some 100 million active users across the network.While this number may seem big, it’s actually small compared to social behemoths such as Facebook, which now has more than 2.2 billion active users per month.Google Plus stirred several debates in the SEO community since its first arrival in 2011 and many discussions have taken place questioning its worthiness both monetarily, as well as time and effort. Sentiments seemed mixed with some            experts saying Google Plus was worth the investment because it’s a Google-owned property with millions of users across the platform Others disagreed, however, claiming that the network had low engagement with an overall lack of adoption. In a statement, Google admitted itself that Google Plus has “low usage and engagement” and that 90 percent of its user sessions last less than 5 seconds.It seems that the social network did not live up to its initial hype and could never keep pace with its giant rival, Facebook

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